Choices: Day 17

Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t change much from the time you’re 12? I mean sure, the responsibilities change and so do the venues, but the people are the same. You still have your cliques, your insecurities, and (how can I put this nicely?) the people you really wish life would just hurry and catch up to. To avoid making this post a cynical diatribe against college students, I’ll steer clear of specifics. Suffice it to say, that The Fiancee and I had an interesting start to our weekend.

We attended her sorority’s yearly Spring Formal yesterday evening. All I can say is that if common sense and the most basic public etiquette were scored on the ACT, most of these people wouldn’t be here. College truly is just middle school with alcohol and a credit card. You have the same people laughing at the same jokes with a little liquid courage and a lot of free time on their hands.

Sample conversation:

“We’re going to the bars after this are you all going?”

The Fiancee politely replies, “No, we have a 7 mile run tomorrow.” That news was greeted with confused looks as if saying, ‘What does one thing have to do with another?’

“It dehydrates you,” she added. I suppose that answer was sufficient for our not-so-captive audience (either that or the alcohol and who knows what else, exacerbated the normal ADD tendencies).

To those who may not be privy to how these types of functions work, it’s not like you see in the movies. There’s no bikini-clad girls hitting around beach balls with guys in togas. No, after four years of attending these “formal” gatherings here’s what it boils down to: an excuse for girls to buy a new dress, get drunk with friends, and take pictures. Let me stop for a moment and add that I am generalizing. I don’t like to cast such a wide net or sound judgmental, but it truly makes sad for these people who legitimately will not be able to remember some of these nights later on down the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun as much as the next guy, but at some point in your life, that little voice has to kick in and say, “Hey, there’s a day after this one, you know?” . Unfortunately for me, this voice has always been present, so I was often labeled “square” or “boring”. I’ll take square and boring any day over broke and hungover, though.

In either event, the next day did come: Day 17. Today was a 7 mile long run for The Fiancee and I. And what a day it was. In the words of Chris Traeger, it was literally, the perfect day to run (for my sake, please watch Parks and Recreation so I don’t sound like an idiot). It was about 40°F with light winds and clear skies. We completed it in just over 1:15:00. I was thankful that we were both able to enjoy the time outside after a couple weeks of bad weather.

It’s funny watching her progression as a runner. It’s a bit like having an out of body experience, when I think about these times in my past training. Today, I had to smile as I watched her trying to eat her first Cliff Gel. That’s one of the weirdest aspects of endurance sports, I think. Trying to get used to doing things in motion that you are used to doing while sitting still. Eating, drinking, and even recovering. As a runner you have to get used to doing all of these things while on the move. The growing pains often make for some comical moments for all of us as we get our feet wet. That’s the choice we all make, though. In my experience, I don’t think there’s a healthier or more rewarding choice out there.

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